Hi- I'm Roxanne! I often go by my nickname Roxy and I am a Sparks-Reno, Nevada area Graphic Designer who's fueled by lots of fresh-brewed coffee and tea with a love for fresh-air adventures. 

After graduating high school, I attended a faster track of college education and earned my certification in accounting & office automation. While I always appreciated the opportunities that came my way to work in the administrative assistant and accounting career field, a desire to pursue more of a creative journey was always looming. 

Growing up, I always loved to find ways of being of creative by doing things like scribbling, painting, sewing and anything fun and crafty. I'm also a people-person and I loved entertaining. What started as a hobby quickly became a passion I couldn't shake and I finally made the decision to turn my love for art and design into a career.


Flower Arrangement 4
Flower Arrangement 4

In 2009, I began my creative career journey by opening up my first business and fashion label, Righteous Couture, and registered the label with the FTC (RN137091). For 5 years I was designing and sewing children's clothing for special events and everyday wear. I worked with photographers and model mommies all over the U.S. to develop my product line. I sold my products online through Etsy and in some local boutique stores. I also taught basic sewing skills at local sewing centers and offered classes in my home.


Although I was creating all of my online graphics and marketing materials for Righteous Couture, I was limited in my knowledge to utilize the Adobe Software. I became obsessed with beautiful pattern designs after working with so many gorgeous fabric designs. In an effort and great desire to grow my skills in the Graphic Design and Surface Design areas, I knew that I would have to step back from Righteous Couture and begin taking graphic design classes. I enrolled in Skillshare design classes focused on Adobe products as a first step.

In 2014, I opened up a second Etsy shop, Roxy Benton Designs, offering graphic design and illustrations for stationery items & paper goods. Once I began doing so, the graphic design portion grew at a rapid pace. This inspired me to pursue more education in design and I enrolled at the New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD) and recently finished the program with a certificate in Graphic Design.

You will still find me sewing up some of those adorable outfits but on much smaller scale than before. For now, love drawing, painting, illustrations, pattern making (and still sewing!). I am excited about the future of my creative career and Graphic Design, and my portfolio is growing all the time. Thank you for stopping by and getting to know a little about me and the journey to what has become Roxy Benton Designs.


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