A B O U T   R O X Y   B E N T O N   D E S I G N S

There's just something special about a beautifully designed stationery item. When a gorgeous piece of stationery arrives to my mailbox it always makes the moment extra special. 


There is an art to letter-writing that today’s technology can’t ever replace. That special hand-written note makes the moments in life much more personal and special. I believe that marking moments with a beautiful stationery piece can help make the memory so much more joyous and unforgettable.


This inspires me to keep Roxy Benton Designs going and my hope is to design something that inspires you to reconnect with others through stylish paper goods even in this fast-paced technological world. 


Roxy Benton Designs evolved after working with clients from my first home-based business, Righteous Couture, designing handmade children's apparel for special events (2009 - 2015). As I was designing costumes and party dresses, I began offering stationery items (invitations, labels, etc.) to match and compliment the events as well. Once I began doing so, the graphic design portion grew at a rapid pace. I found myself at a crossroad, and although fashion is my first passion, I scaled back on Righteous Couture and turned my focus to growing Roxy Benton Designs realizing the demand was greater. I love being connected to life's special moments and helping others through designing items that help capture those special moments. ​

You will still find me sewing up some of those adorable outfits but on much smaller scale than before. For now, love drawing, painting, illustrations (and still sewing!). My art designs are growing more everyday as I continue to learn what's trending and finding time to create more art pieces. I am currently working on my portfolio to include more illustration and pattern designs.


My goal is to develop more items to offer whether in my Etsy shop or through licensing opportunities. Thank you for stopping by and getting to know a little about me and the journey to what has become Roxy Benton Designs.


Design Studio in Clovis, California


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