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P R I N T I N G  S T Y L E S  &  P A P E R  T Y P E S

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D I G I T A L  F L A T  P R I N T I N G

Digital printing is a flat style of printing that produces

crisp, solid colors and forms. Digital printers transfer four

colors of ink in color tones of cyan, magenta, yellow and black to

each page simultaneously resulting in a full-color print. 

Each printed item takes less time to print and this is the most

affordable type and most popular choice of printing method.

P A P E R  O P T I O N S

MATTE: 120 lb white or ivory

SHIMMER: 120 lb white or ivory

LINEN: 120 lb white or ivory

D I G I T A L  F O I L

Digital foil is an affordable option that adds metallic elements with

a beautiful mirrored finish. The stationery is first laser printed and

then the foil application is heat pressed onto the design.

C O L O R  C O L L E C T I O N S

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