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Roxy Benton Designs is an Art & Design Studio that produces contemporary, original designs and prints by Roxy Benton. Currently based in the Reno-Tahoe, Nevada area, Roxy Benton Designs began in Clovis, California in 2014 creating stationery and gift items for the wedding industry.


It doesn't take long to realize Roxy is obsessed with florals and surface pattern design. Taking inspiration from nature and fashion, Roxy is currently building a catalog of original artwork and retail ready products to expand her product line. She does accept commission requests from time-to-time. Please contact Roxy if you are interested in this type of work.


Roxy Benton creates with a variety of artwork techniques including a combination of hand-painting and modern digital art applications using Adobe software. Mostly known for her floral designs, Roxy likes to stretch the imagination and adds whimsical charm to her collections. Please use the contact page to reach Roxy Benton about licensing opportunities or other questions.



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