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NNKC Flag Designs

These flag designs were finished in 2023 as a graphic design project for Northern Nevada Kart Club (NNKC) a 501(c)(3) organization in Reno, Nevada. The flag company donated a portion of the finished flags to the club and I designed the logo and layout design for the flags. 

For these designs, I worked with the board members by providing various mock-up designs for them to choose from with original layout versions of their logo. Some of the flags were for Northern Nevada Kart Club and  some were for Desert Park Raceway. Once the board members approved the designs, I prepared the print design files for the flag company in Adobe formats and uploaded them to Dropbox so they were easily accessible and downloadable for print. 

These are actual photos taken of the completed flags during one of the race events. The mock-ups are original illustrations to demonstrate how they could look for the final flag design.

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